End of 2016-2017 School Year

The end of another school year and what a wonderful year it was too! It seems like just yesterday that the boys started the school year and then I blinked and it was over.

Two things that stood out the first few weeks of school that made me really appreciate the school system we are in and the teachers at our school. I felt from the beginning of the school year that it was going to be a really good school year and that the teachers my boys were blessed with would show great love and care, while also being a great example of Christ. Here are the two things that lead me to feel this way:

  1. The day we met Alex’s teacher, she unashamedly had Christian music playing in her classroom. This spoke volumes of her testimony and her love for Christ.
  2. At a youth gathering of students from the local churches coming to pray together, Aric’s teacher was there as a sponsor from her church and prayed along with the students from her church.

To see our teachers being unashamed of their Christianity and being open about it makes me realize that those years of worrying what people thought of public school or my presupposed ideals were in vain, and that God knew perfectly what He was doing when He guided us to the area we are in and to put our children in the Public school system.

Aric and Alex both had excellent years academically, and they are looking forward to Alto starting Pre-K next school year and being able to go to school with them.

This year Aric (3rd Grade) was one of a few 3rd graders to be selected to be part of our school robotics program (Our school is one of a few elementary schools in Georgia to have a robotics program). Aric loved this and enjoyed building a robot the 1st half of the year and displaying it with his partner at the Fall Festival in November. In the Spring he was able to participate in a rocket challenge he decorated his with Mario and one 1st place for best in show!

Alex (2nd Grade) was able to perform in this years Christmas Play, he was a reindeer, unfortunately he got a little stage fright and forgot his one line he got to say “Generous, and don’t forget generous!”, But he insists he still would love to act. He also had perfect attendance this year! He has really improved in his reading. (remember my Something Clicked article)

I was able to participate in the S.T.E.A.M. day again at school in May and teach about graphic design. Every year I have done this I have given out information about our church including a Gospel tract. I was able to do this once again this year and also offer an audio Bible to the student who could answer a question at the end correctly. The students LOVED getting the prize (I designed the packaging for the audio Bible).

I look forward to what the 2017-2018 school year has in store for us!



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