The Value of a Good Teacher

This post was supposed to have posted automatically during the first week of June, but for some reason it didn’t. Better late than never 🙂

Three years of substitute teaching at school has taught me a lot about the value of good teachers. Completing the first year of being a parent with a child in school has also taught me a lot about good teachers. The job of being a teacher is hard work and many times unappreciated.

The value of a good teacher can not be measured by the amount of money they make, as they are worth far more than they could ever be paid. The time they sacrifice in order to ensure that your child is not only succeeding in school, but in life, is something that is a rare find, but something a truly grateful parent with thank the Lord for every day. This is true of teachers in every type of school and every level of school; Public or Private, Elementary School, Middle School, High School, or College.

Aric has just completed his first year of school. As a parent I have to say that we were not only blessed with a great teacher but also an awesome paraprofessional. We have seen Aric grow leaps and bounds in not only his education, but in his social skills as well as his walk with God. Some would question how Aric could possibly grow in his walk with God while attending a public school, but I assure you a large part of it has been his teachers’ reinforcement of the principles he has been taught at home and their godly living. They may not have been able to speak freely about their beliefs but his teachers lived by example in front of their classroom.

Words could never express how truly thankful I am for the teachers God placed in Aric’s life this year. Mrs Beele and Mrs. Milford were a shining example of how valuable a good teacher is, and if they by chance read this blog, all we can say is, “Thank you for all you do as teachers, we have been blessed beyond measure to have you in our child’s life”.


End of Summer, Beginning of School

In just about a week, the school year will start back. I anticipate this to be a good, but busy year. Aric our oldest (6) will be going into first grade, Alex our middle (5) is starting Kindergarten, and I am serving as the Communications Chair for our PTO (Parent Teacher Organization). When I started the blog last year I had planned on posting something every week, but there wasn’t much to post some weeks. I plan on continuing to post this school year on things that will encourage and challenge my fellow Christians to greater heights. Here are some tips for the start of the school year.

1) Go Back-to-School Shopping Early

I know there is the tax free weekend in many states, and I am all for saving a little money, but let’s face it unless you are planning on buying a TON of school supplies, you may only save a few dollars. You will already be stressed enough the week before school starts, why add more stress by going shopping the same time everyone else is doing their school shopping? Many stores start their back-to-school sales at the beginning of July. For our family we try to purchase most of what we need online and then purchase the remaining items toward the middle of July. (For back to school clothes go to the thrift shops, why spend 100’s of dollars on clothes when you can get all you need for 2 children for $50).

2) Let the school know they have your support

You don’t  have to be on a PTO board or school board to let the school know that you support them. Write and email to the principle, tell him/her that you support them as a parent and are available to help with anything that they might need you for. As I have said in past posts, schools really do want you as parents involved. Don’t overstep and over push, but find way to volunteer and help. (Even an hour helping put books on the shelf in the library once a week is a great help to the school)

3) Show up for meet the teacher, reassure the teacher that you support them

Meeting the teacher isn’t a requirement for a child to go to school but you should require yourself to be there. Going to this event gives you a chance to meet both your child’s teacher and some of their classmates. While there ask the teacher what ways you can help them through the school year. Let them know that you are glad they are your child’s teacher and that you support them.

4) Join your PTO

Why should you join your PTO? Because as a member you have the opportunity to show your support for the school and have a collective voice with your fellow members to voice support, concern, questions, and opinions to the leadership of the school. Take time to join them, you aren’t wasting a few dollars for a decal or magnet, you are showing your support for the school.

5) Pray

Certainly you should pray more than just at the start of the school year, but the closer it gets, the more you should pray for your children and the challenges they will face this year. It helps prepare your heart for the school year and helps your children prepare their hearts. Let them tell you things they would like you to pray for, no matter how “small” their request may be, pray for it, God cares about them enough to give an answer.

What type things do you do to get ready for the beginning of a school year?

To the Christian Teacher in a Public School

Excellent article from a Christian Teacher in a Public School. Let our Light shine!

My Story, My Song

How many times have you heard the term (or one similar) “They’ve taken God out of public schools!”? I’ve heard it many, many times but so far it has failed to worry me.

Don’t get me wrong, it saddens me that a teacher can actually get fired if he or she offends someone by praying aloud or teaching scripture in a public school. It sickens me that some school systems (not mine) have taken the phrase “under God” out of their daily Pledge of Allegiance. It frustrates and sometimes angers me that other religions seem to be tolerated so quickly, yet Christianity simply will not be tolerated in some public school systems. It makes me want to cry out “What are we doing?”

But when I get completely worked up over laws and rights, I feel the gentle push of the Holy Spirit saying this to me: “When was the last…

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