Youth: Not the Leaders of Tomorrow

I’ve heard it said “Youth are the leaders of tomorrow”. I’ve heard this said by teachers, preachers, and politicians, and I would contend they are wrong. Youth are not the leaders of tomorrow, they are the leaders of today!

Teens are amazing people! Teens have the ability to lead and to be strong leaders at that. Teens are inventive, ingenious, and innovative.

You can search the internet and find a lot of young people who are inventors, have good common sense, good writers, programmers, designers, and artist. They should be given some good responsibility and be allowed to thrive and lead in some capacity.

While I am sure there are lots of places you can hear people say this speech, one of the biggest places I have hear the “young people are our future leaders” speech has been in a church setting, and while I agree this ideal is somewhat true, I really believe we need to let teens not only be the leaders of the future, but be leaders of the here and now. I get that that is hard to do, teens are going to make messes, they are going to make mistakes, and they are going to have mishaps, but so do adults.

One thing I love about our Pastor and about our church, is they have a passion in letting our teens take part in leadership. Once a month our teens have a “teen service” where they are given the opportunity to serve in the evening service at church (special music, offering, testimonies, ECT.), but they have been given responsibility beyond that. Several of our young people work the sound system, in the nursery, sing in the choir, and help in children’s church. But one of the biggest ways I have seen them step up their leadership this year was when our teens wanted to share their testimonies using video and setting up a youtube channel. I love to see teens not only pushing to be leaders tomorrow , but learning to be leaders today. Take a look at there videos by following this link:


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