How We Handle Santa

UPDATE: 11/16/15 I know some of my readers were wondering how Alex (our 2nd child) was going to do with our handling of Santa. When I wrote the original article Alex hadn’t even started school and he was very outspoken about how he felt. I can say with gladness, that the approach we took with Santa has been successful with both of our oldest children! I can say with a certain amount of confidence that even when our youngest 2 that this approach should work for them as well. (Maybe in 3-4 years when they start school I will update this with how they did with this approach as well)

Originally Posted 2/5/14

So I understand that there are good families who allow their children to believe in Santa, and I am not here to tell them that they are wrong for doing so. To be honest this is an issue that some people at times go overboard with one way or the other. Some will say that Santa is evil, others will almost swear that he is absolutely necessary in order to celebrate Christmas. Whatever the case is, we choose not to teach our children that Santa brings them their gifts at Christmas time. But how can we do this when they are surrounded by friends, teachers, and family that choose to “believe” in Santa? We really handled this in a three fold manner.

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