BirchBox Review: January 2016

So I really didn’t have any friends who had ever to my knowledge use the subscription service with BirchBox. But as I was looking at subscriptions for clothing, BirchBox was one that kept on coming up as a suggested box subscription for men. So I bit the bullet and decided to try it out. It took just about 1 week from my setting up my subscription to get my first box in the mail. I will share my review below:


When the box arrived I was very impressed that they actually took the effort to brand even the shipping box with their name. Many subscription services don’t take the extra step of even putting any type of branding on their packaging.


Once I got the shipping package open there was another box labeled with the brand. You slide the bottom of the box out and inside were your samples. Now I am going to be quite honest, when I first opened the box and saw the samples, I thought “I paid $15 for this! What a rip off.” And then I tried the products:


Octovo Valet Tray

This would probably be the item that was considered the most valuable. The quality of this product is nice, it has a real leather outer layer and a felt lining. A good little tray to store your keys, wallet, and any other items that are constantly lost right as you want to leave the house. This was worth having simply because it came as a sample, but to pay the full price of $60, you could spend your money better elsewhere.


FOREO Cleanser for Men

This is a facial cleanser for men, maybe I am weird but I always thought of facial washes as a girl thing. I have had this sitting in my BirchBox for the last week, not sure if I would even try it, then after a good shaving of my face tonight, I thought, “Well I have the sample I might as well try it.” It felt AMAZING even if I didn’t have the machine they suggest having with it. Would I purchase it though at it’s full retail price of $29.95 for 3.3oz? No, never would even if I was rich.


PRORASO Pre-Shave Cream

This product is advertised as a pre-shave cream for if you shave with a traditional razor. The problem is, I use an electric razor, and even told them I did as I filled out my profile for my subscription. However, I thought I would try it out, and then save with my electric. I loved it, in fact it is likely that I would purchase this product regularly. The price is $13 for a 3.5oz, but a little goes a long ways and I can tell it makes a difference in the shave.


Marvis Tooth Paste

What can I say, it’s tooth paste and its imported from Italy, that right there should tell you unless it is something super special, it probably will be over priced and not worth it. It taste good, but is it something super special? Nope. Not even close, especially when they want $10.50 for it. Maybe if it had some sort of magical ingredient that restored your teeth to their natural luster and removed cavities, but it isn’t going to happen.


Lab Series Future Rescue Repair Serum

This product for me made the box totally worth it. I have suffered from eczema for years on my hands. I have used the steroid cream, tried all the products that claim to overcome eczema and have not found a product that ever really relieved it. Then I started trying this, and I have seen a difference in the trouble spots on my hands in just a few days. The only thing I am having trouble with justifying is the price of $60 for a 1.7 bottle of this product. But I may bite the bullet and purchase it if I continue to see the results improve the health of my skin.


After giving the box a try, I have decided to give BirchBox another try next month. I still am not sure that the $15 a month is worth it and it may take some convincing over the next month or 2 to decided to stay with them or not. If you would be interested in getting $5 off a box for a month click below:




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