Silence Speaks Volumes

One of the areas some people like to argue for the reason a Christian should not be part of the Public Schools, is the limitations that teachers have in being able to share their faith openly in the classroom and the challenges that Christian students will face. While it is true that Christian teachers can not spend a large percentage of time speaking about the Lord, it does not mean that a Christian teacher will have no influence in the lives of their students. Just because a Christian student will be surrounded by students who do not have the same belief system, does not mean that they will never influence others for Christ. In fact I believe that there is Biblical evidence that sometimes silence is far better than speaking.The other morning I was reading my morning devotions and I came to a passage of scripture that to many would seem like a strange instruction given to us by the Lord. In context this passage of scripture is talking about a Christian wife’s responsibility to an unsaved husband and the importance of her testimony. But I believe we can take principles from this passage of scripture that apply to life in general. Here is the passage:

I Peter 3:1-2 Likewise, ye wives, be in subjection to your own husbands; that, if any obey not the word, they also may without the word be won by the conversation of the wives;

While they behold your chaste conversation coupled with fear.

In this passage of scripture, we have a Christian wife, and an unsaved husband. God has told that wife to be submissive to her husband even though he does not know Christ, and has chosen to reject the Word of God. Christian Public School teachers are required to be submissive to the rules of the governing body of the public school system, even though the rules in particular do not favor that of a Christian belief system, and by and large the Bible has been rejected by the schools as a whole.

The verses though do not give the instruction to simply to be submissive, but also that the wife is to live by example what the Word of God speaks. The word conversation is not so much the wife constantly telling her husband of his need of salvation, but the lifestyle the wife lives in front of her husband. The winning to Christ of her rejecting husband, is going to come by her godly example, her pure lifestyle, and the fear of the Lord. Christian Public School teachers must be conscious of their limitations when it comes to speaking of the Word of God. Christian students must be conscious of the constant attack they will face against their own belief systems. But if  both the students and the teachers will live their lives that is godly and pure before their peers and pupils, many will come to inquire and know about the God of whom they serve. This is not just a tip to be applied to Public School though, but to life. If the conversation of your mouth is not reflected by the conversation of your life than you will not be able to have a true influence for Christ in the lives of those you are trying to reach.

Christian teachers in the realm of public schools is one of the most important things that our government education system needs. Christian students have a big impact on other students who may never hear of Christ outside the lives of those who surround them. So while I don’t believe the public school is the place for every Christian teacher or every Christian child, I do believe that the Lord has given some the call to be missionaries to the realm of government schooling. And while the Government tries to keep the name of Christ silent in their education system, sometimes “Silence Speaks Volumes”.