Society and the Christian Influence.

What I am about to write, will probably ruffle some feathers and that’s okay, sometimes we need our feathers ruffled. It goes back to my Real or Not Real post in some ways because it is another mind set that has effected us as a nation. This post will not be completely about “Facing the Public” in the sense of public school, however that is part of the equation.

As we enter the voting season (just 7 days from now) we are faced with a very divided nation, both conservatives and liberals are divided about “their” presidential candidates. Christians are divided about who to vote for, many say you have to vote for Trump, others say vote for a relatively unknown person like McMullen because he is a more “moral” person. I have personally seen people attack one another in a rash series of posts on facebook about their said candidate that they prefer, and while this isn’t unusual during any election year, it has been far worse this year seeing conservatives fighting other conservatives and liberal fighting other liberals over the selections of candidates.

I will make no bones about it, I am both conservative and a Christian. I won’t post who I plan to vote for, because frankly it isn’t important to the article and it isn’t any of your business anyways. But as a conservative and a Christian seeing other conservatives and Christians complain about our presidential candidates, I have one thing to say, our nation is in the state it is politically and morally because of the failure of Christians to influence society as a whole. Don’t blame it on liberal agenda. Don’t blame it on President Obama. Don’t blame it on Hillary Clinton. Don’t blame it on Congress or the House. It is the fault of Christians who have chosen to remove themselves from the sphere of influence and have therefor failed to reach into society and make a difference.

As you know I am a big supporter of Christian students and teachers in the public school. I don’t believe it is for every family, but I think there needs to be far more than their currently are. You see when prayer (BTW it wasn’t a ban on all prayer) was removed from school, Christians left, and left all influence they had. How can you expect public schools to be any different than they are, if the influence of Christianity has been removed, not by laws, but by Christians themselves? This is an opportunity to reach society that we need to be a part of.

But it isn’t just the realm of Public Schools that Christians have removed themselves from. I can remember one time while in college we had several politicians visit the school. One of them was running for a local office, and was also a local Pastor. After their visit, I can remember several students talking in the dorm how impossible it could be for someone to be a good Pastor while being a politician as well. This shows that there is an underlying ideal that you can not be a good Christian while also being a good politician, so Christians remove themselves from the ideal of being in Politics, when what we need is to have more people like Andrew Hemingway who ran for governor of New Hampshire, in 2014. He is a strong Christian but is also very influential on the political front. These are people who influence society.

What about Lawyers? I hear people all the time “all lawyers are liars”, if it is said often enough, people begin to believe it. So why would a Christian want to be a lawyer, when everyone thinks that all lawyers are liars! Grant it some lawyers are liars, but you can’t judge all lawyers by a few bad lawyers, just as you can’t judge all Christians by a bad experience with other Christians! We need more Christian lawyers, and not just those who are going to work for a Christian Firm, we need Christians working in secular firms as well! These are people who influence society.

So when you look at the state of our nation and how far we have come, when Christians remove themselves from the positions to influence society, it isn’t right to blame society for going in the direction that the sinful nature of people is going to take them, it is the fault of the Christian for refusing to do his duty and reach the World.

So when a Christian family feels that Public School is God’s leading for their children, don’t criticize them, but encourage them and their children to go out and influence other students. When a Christian feels called to be a Public School teacher, let them know you will pray for them daily and for the students that they have an opportunity to influence for good. When a person who is a Christian feels called to run for a public office encourage them and let them know you will stand with them and behind them as they face an ever changing society. When a Christian feels called to be a lawyer or judge, hold them high, pray for them that God would help them discern what is right, true, and just. Don’t discourage these people from influencing society, encourage them to follow God’s calling no matter what it is!


Real or Not Real

In the recently popular book The Mockingjay (book 3 of the Hunger Games) Katniss and Peeta go through an exercise to bring a sense of trust with each other. Peeta would ask a question and then ask Katniss “Real or not real”, to try to return to that trust Peeta once had with Katniss before the capital hijacked (brainwashed) him.

What does this have to do with anything about raising children in the Public school? I’m Glad you asked.

School for our children starts next week (ugh it is the first week of August and already back in school). I have been praying not only for my own children but also for the teens in our church as they start back to the school year. My own children and most of the youth group kids are in the public school system and I am praying for them to have a wonderful year with many opportunities to share Christ with their friends.

The other day as I was listening to the radio and a song came on about “Prayer”, as it came to the second verse the words were “Well they tell our children not to pray  when they walk through the school-house door, according to the Constitution, you can’t do that anymore.” Honestly when I heard these words I though “That is an outright LIE”. REAL or NOT REAL? NOT REAL.

For years I heard it said from respected Christian leaders that the public schools were evil, that children could no longer pray, that students could no longer share their faith, that no Christian had business sending their children to the public school because God was not in any way, shape, or form allowed to be mentioned or talked about. REAL or NOT REAL? NOT REAL.

I am sure there are a minority of schools (especially in more urban areas) that would try to put a stop to the Christian influence in school, however in the majority of schools today students still have every opportunity to share their faith with others.

Children are not usually told they can’t pray when the enter the school.

The Constitution doesn’t say that students can’t pray.

In fact here is a reminder to our students of what the LAW DOES SAY about Christian Students and their rights. REAL OR NOT REAL? REAL.

  1. A student may wear a T-shirt or Use a pencil with a religious message, Bible verse, or Christian slogan printed on it.
  2. Christian students are also able to pass out Gospel tracts to classmates during non-instructional time in the same way they are allowed to pass out non-religious materials. This should be done in a way that doesn’t disrupt the normal events of a school day.
  3. Students can discuss religious matters or pray at any time when they are permitted to interact with other students- before and after school, during lunch, between classes – as long as the discussions don’t constitute harassment of a particular person or group. Any time a student is permitted to discuss non-instruction matters, he may also discuss religious matters, which includes witnessing and praying with others.
  4. Prayer is protected under the first amendment. A student may pray before eating lunch or silently before taking a test… as long as there are tests, there will be prayer in school.
  5. Christians are able to read the Bible in school whenever other non-instructional books are permitted to be read – at lunch or during study hall for example.
  6. Christians may express their religious beliefs in any written or oral assignment. If the views of all other students are allowed, the teacher may permit a Christian to share his views, as well.
  7. Public secondary schools must give Bible clubs the same privileges as any other school club, as long as the club is led by a student and not by a faculty sponsor. Bible club meetings may include prayer, Bible reading, and singing.
  8. Christian students may be excluded from a lesson or activity which would “substantially burden a student’s free exercise of religion, and if the school cannot prove a compelling interest in requiring attendance, the school is legally required to excuse the student from that lesson or activity”.


The principle of all these guidelines is that you can not disrupt classroom or school order. It’s not illegal to talk about God or the Bible in public schools. The more you know about your rights as a public school students, the more you will be able to exercise those rights in witnessing to non-Christians and fellowshipping with other believers.

So STUDENTS you have a REAL opportunity to share Christ this year at school. Are you going to make your faith REAL or NOT REAL?

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