Current News: February 28, 2015

It seems like almost every week there are news stories that slam the public school. So when I can, I want to take a “Current News” story and give my little take on it. This week is a story about a boy who was given detention for being late to school.

This is the headline that was put out on Facebook by Fox News

6-Year-Old Forced to Eat Lunch Alone After He’s 1 Minute Late for School

Above the headlines was the following description:

Six-year-old Hunter Cmelo was one minute late to school because his mother’s car wouldn’t start. So as punishment, the principal forced him to eat lunch alone behind a cardboard divider.

First let me say this about the media, as much as I like Fox news, they are just as guilty of blowing stories out of proportion as the liberal media is. In fact I would say mainstream media as a whole loves to draw people using deceptive headlines and playing on emotions.
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