Public School. Brainwashing?

Recently I saw a shared video on Facebook by the conservative pundit Michelle Malkin on the possibility of brainwashing of children in public schools. I am a conservative, typically I would agree with many of the observations of conservative talking heads, but to me this ideal is blown out of proportion. The video claims that data being collected from the schooling system is being used to shape and mold our children to be brainwashed into blind followers of government thoughts and ideals. They state that within school testing that their are behavioral questions being asked and students are being scored by the government based on their answers…

Here is a link to the video.

Is it possible for children to be brainwashed as they state in the video? Absolutely. It can happen! We have seen the results of a whole generation of children being brainwashed in history past.

Do I agree with the assessment of this conservative pundit and the parent she interviewed? Absolutely not.

Do I think that it is possible schools are asking behavioral questions? Sure. Job applications ask behavioral questions as well, and while I don’t particularly like them or feel they are necessary, I can’t say that they are being used to brainwash people.

Many Christian parents will take this as another buggidy-boo reason to pull their children out of public school. Are there influences that can come from school? Sure there are, but I am sorry to tell you this, there are just as many bad influences in Christian Schools and Homeschooling groups. If you as a parent are not helping mold your child’s behavior and are THAT worried about the influence of those around your children, then you aren’t doing enough to cultivate the type of environment at home and teaching them how to stand up against opposition and things contrary to the Word of God to allow them to succeed above the noise of the world! And even if you ARE doing enough to cultivate the right environment, it does not mean that your children will soar above that noise, because in the end as your children grow, they will have to choose if they will follow God or not.

No matter what type of schooling you choose for your child though, you must be involved in what they are doing, I have seen just as many children’s lives ruined because their parents had a “hands-off” mentality because their children were in Christian school, as I have seen come out of public school. Equally I have seen just as many children succeed in public school because their parents stayed involved, as I have seen Christian/Homeschool children succeed.

Will their come a time that more Christians should begin rethinking keeping their kids in public schools? I believe there will. But now is not the time, now is the time to flood the doors of public schools with children who are being grounded and raised in the foundation of the Bible. They still have an open door to share the Gospel, share Christ, share the Word of God. But if we as Christians don’t take advantage of the time we have, then there will be many children and teens who will miss out on the opportunity for your child to be the difference of an eternity in Heaven or Hell for those students. Is it possible that your children will not always make wise choices? Yep, because they are human and they aren’t perfect. And those foolish choices can and will happen no matter in what school environment you put your children.


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