Turning the World Upside Down!

the-world-upside-down-wallpaperIn today’s changing world it is easy to get discouraged as it seems the next generation of Christians are falling away faster then any other generation before them. Statistics tell us that an alarming 70% of young people are leaving or don’t attend church regularly after age 18-22. But I believe that this up and coming generation has a great opportunity to “Turn the world upside down”. Continue reading


Giving Thanks for School!

1 Thessalonians 5:18 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

This verse is a hard one to follow some times, especially when things don’t go your way, but God was clear, the will of God is for you to give thanks in everything. Good and bad. Happy and sad. Whether you understand it or it makes no sense at all. God has asked us to give thanks.
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Audio Drama Review: Jonathan Park: The Adventure Begins

I first learned of Jonathan Park through facebook friends sharing what a great Christmas gift this would make for children. I took a look and was interested, but was afraid to spend $25 on something I wasn’t sure my young children would be interested in at this time. So instead of purchasing them myself, I told my mom about them and she bought them for the boys for Christmas.

I grew up listening to the likes of Patch the Pirate and Adventures in Odyssey on the Christian side and Old Time Radio on the secular side, so I have heard and enjoyed the production of good quality Audio Dramas. I would now add Jonathan Park to that list of quality Audio Dramas.
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Recommended Reading

The night before I took Aric to his first day of school I posted on my Facebook account this statement, “So tomorrow marks the first day of Aric’s life at school. We have chosen to send him to our local public school. Some may think that this is a mistake, but in the end I answer to the Lord, and He has clearly guided us to this choice. I am looking forward to not only the impact that Aric can make at his school, but also the godly impact that we can make as parents.”

When we considered sending Aric to a Public School, there were some very well-meaning people who told us that we were making a mistake for sending him to a Government Institution. While it may be someone’s conviction that they would not send their children to a public school, to say it is a wrong choice for another parent is to cross a line that is not yours to cross. My wife and I have been convinced by the Lord, that at this time in our children’s lives, that the public school is what the Lord has set for our children to be a part of.

I am the kind of person that get’s easily excited or nervous, or both, and when I do so I have trouble either falling asleep, staying asleep or both. The night before Aric’s first day of School, I had trouble falling asleep. The morning of Aric’s first day of school I had trouble staying asleep, in fact I woke up at 5:30am and couldn’t get back to sleep. So I checked my FB, and saw I had received a message from a friend of mine with whom I went to college. He had sent me an encouraging note, and an article on why he has chosen to put his children into public school.

You can read his article here: http://baptistcitizen.wordpress.com/2012/12/09/we-put-our-children-in-the-public-school/

It is a longer article, but if you take an opportunity I believe you will be blessed. When you take opportunity to read it, leave your comments below.