When Opportunity Knocks

Wow after 9 months of no activity, people probably thought I dropped off the face of the earth! But I am back ready to write another article at least for now. I know they have been few and far between lately, but what can I say I am a busy man!

Have you ever had a great opportunity just all the sudden pop into your life. An opportunity so beneficial to you and others that you just can’t pass it up? I have had several of those opportunities come into my life the past two years, but before I share what those opportunities are I first want to make a few points.

  1. The Church as a whole has a great opportunity to reach their community by reaching out to the public schools and offering things that will help them. Public School every year have students who are in need of backpacks, school supplies, and other things pertaining to school. Why not have the church buy book bags and give families a chance to fill those back packs full of school supplies for a needy child. The church could even take advantage of this by buying pencils with a Christian message or the church website on them. For the people who are opposed to Christian children in public school, this still gives them a real opportunity to make a difference in these children’s lives.
  2. An individual Christian has opportunity to make a difference in the public schools. Did you know that no matter where you live public schools are in need of substitute teachers, volunteers, and people who will be a “study buddy” or mentor to children? In our school alone we have almost 90 children who qualify for the mentoring program in the school but there are not enough volunteers to mentor all of these children. Why not volunteer at your local schools to be a mentor for as little as 30 min a week. While the majority of the time you may just be helping a child with homework or studying for a test, there are times that these individuals will really start to open up to you, they will share what is going on at home, share their struggles, and will even ask you about your faith! What an awesome chance for you to make a difference.
  3. Christian parents who have sought God’s will and have felt that He has led them into sending their children to public school, get involved as much as you can in the schools. The more time you spend there the more children and teachers will recognize you and talk to you. Your conversations aren’t going to be about Christ 100% of the time, but Christ can be shown in the way you interact and build relationships with the people at school 100% of the time.

Last year the Lord began to open up some doors of opportunity for me to get more involved in our school system. I don’t believe I would have ever had the option to get involved like I have had my children not been going to the school. I had already found ways to volunteer my time at school such as helping in the class room once a week, substitute teaching, and just helping with class parties. But the Lord added to those opportunities in two ways: First I was asked to be on the PTO board and second I was invited to take part in the mentoring program at our school called “Community In School”. Last year I was able to mentor 3 elementary school children and absolutely fell in love with helping children grow and learn.

This year the opportunities grew! I was asked to be on the leadership team for the CIS program and help as we seek to improve the mentoring program and help more children. My hope and desire is that through the opportunities that have been presented I will live in such a way that those I help will be able to see Christ in me and Christ in my family. I can truthfully and honestly say, that many of this opportunities have just been confirmation in my heart that we as a family did the right thing by allowing our children to be a part of the public school system.


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