Audio Drama Review: Jonathan Park: The Adventure Begins

I first learned of Jonathan Park through facebook friends sharing what a great Christmas gift this would make for children. I took a look and was interested, but was afraid to spend $25 on something I wasn’t sure my young children would be interested in at this time. So instead of purchasing them myself, I told my mom about them and she bought them for the boys for Christmas.

I grew up listening to the likes of Patch the Pirate and Adventures in Odyssey on the Christian side and Old Time Radio on the secular side, so I have heard and enjoyed the production of good quality Audio Dramas. I would now add Jonathan Park to that list of quality Audio Dramas.

What I like:

I love that my kids LOVE to listen to the series. After they listened to the first CD, they were hooked. They begged to listen to it at night when they go to bed. Recently we got a new (used) car with a CD player in it (I know about time I caught up with the times) and they beg to listen to Jonathan park when we travel for a good amount of time.

Volume 1 does a good job establishing who the characters are and what they believe. The series gives Biblical lessons in every episode and also gives scientific proofs of why a Young Earth Creation must be true as well as gives good refutes to the Theory of Evolution. I think this is important for young children to learn as it gives them a foundation of understanding apologetic.

Some would think that because this is a Christian and Creation based series that it must be all about homeschooling and Christian schooling, however several of the main young characters are facing the realities of public schools and public colleges, they also have several characters who are home schooled. They do not push an agenda toward either direction. I love this because with my children being in Public School, it will help them in the future should they have a teacher who truly believes and teaches the Theory of Evolution.

I fell in love with the series myself and have learned many scientific things. One of my favorite things that I learned about is the Fibonacci sequence, the natural pattern that God has placed in nature to show he is the Designer and Creator.

What I Don’t Like:

Sometimes the dialog was hard to hear due to background noise and effects. I love effects and I love that they want to make it sound realistic, however sometimes for the sake or realism I felt like the sound quality of the dialog suffered.

For a hearing impaired person, the sound quality just didn’t cut it. My wife grew up listening to and loving Patch the Pirate and could catch most of the program without any problem. (Even the newer ones she doesn’t have a problem with). But with this series, she says it is just to hard to hear and understand what is being said. I don’t know that there is anything they can do with the sound to make it clearer, but it would be a blessing to her and other hearing impaired people if they could.


We just started listening to Volume 2. I will probably spend more time highlighting actual episodes on the next review, but this time I wanted to give my overall review. Any of those reading this ever listen to the Jonathan Park series? If so what did you like or dislike about the program?


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