1st Year Comes to An End

In just two short weeks, we will finish the first year of public school as a family. While only one of our children were in school this year, we have learned a lot through this 1st year. Next year we will have two children in school; Aric will be in 1st Grade and Alex will begin Kindergarten. My hope is to give a few end of year wrap up posts to share the incredible journey this year has been. This post I just want to give a few quick points that we learned this year.

1) A great first teacher makes a big difference in how you  and your child views a school (Aric had awesome teachers this year. Thanks Mrs. Beele and Mrs Milford!)

2) Teachers need positive reinforcement from parents (most teachers are faced more often with negative attitudes and comments toward them then they are encouraged at a job well done)

3) Parapros are just as important as teachers.

4) Despite all the horror stories of public schooling, the majority of teachers really do care about your children and really do care about how you feel about your child’s education.

5) Schools really do want parents to be involved

6) Spending extra time with your child is key to reinforcing their education.

7) Children, no matter how well behaved they are, will still at times get in trouble.

8) School teaches you a lot about whether your child is a leader or a follower.

9) School helps you see character traits in your child that you may otherwise overlook.

10) School teaches you a lot about yourself as a parent.

I am sure the list could be built upon, but these are just some general observations from this year in review.


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