Reblog: Koffee With Kelli

Excellent points on eliminating hurry and the ways to spend family time together.

Pritchard Ministries

ImageKoffee With Kelli

Hope you have time for a cup of coffee this morning to reflect on the whirlwind of another school year beginning…backpacks, new pens, agendas, mountains of paperwork and yes…homework for all of us again!! I tell my kids about 3 weeks before summer ends that the school mom is coming back so prepare for her arrival!! I try really hard all summer to not rush anything ie going to bed, getting up, getting our summer reading done, even at the park as they are playing and ask,” Is it time to go?’ I love saying,” Whenever you are ready!” but then, almost in the blink of an eye, we are right back into the rhythm of another school year. Some are so happy to have the routine back in place while others of us could go on and on living those summer days with our children!


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