An Honest Review of the Book: Christian Teachers in Public Schools

9780834128644_p0_v1_s260x420Just this week I finished the book: Christian Teachers in Public Schools: 13 Essentials for the Classroom. While the focus of this book is for teachers, as a parent of a public school child, I appreciated the insight into what challenges a Christian Public School teacher faces and what opportunities there are to shine for Christ.

The author was very honest with the struggles that she faces as a teacher and finding way to witness for Christ. She doesn’t try to make you believe that being a Christian in a Public School is easy, but make you realize it isn’t as impossible as some people make it out to be. The author included a lot of personal material in there: letters from students, writing prompts from students, personally stories, and lessons learned from the classroom.

So just to highlight what I got from the book, here are some things that really stuck out to me.

1) Materials from students

If the author had tried to make it seem like an easy task to be a Christian teaching in the Public School then she would have included all the heart touching perfect stories that come from some of her students. Instead she wanted you to see the reality of why there needs to be Christians both teaching and learning in the public school by including letters and paper from some of her students. Some of the papers were written by students who came from homes filled with drug and violence and the influence that a Christian teacher had on their lives. One story that stuck out in my mind was about a student who had no desire to do any work whatsoever and what she was able to do to convince him to actually get engaged in doing his school work.

2) Personal stories and stuggles

While not everyone will always be interested in knowing someones personal stories or struggles, I believe the author did a good job connecting with the reader with her personal tidbits. At one point she gave a personal story about how she was ready to just give up and quit at one particular school, but God sent a student into her class who really didn’t even belong in her class to answer a writing prompt “The worst thing a teacher could do”. A lot of students gave answers like these: Give homework on the weekend, make us do school work, give to many assignments, ECT. But when this student raised his hand he said, “The worst thing a teacher could do is quit.” The author acknowledged that that one boys answer completely changed her attitude and she decided she could not quit.

3) Little short devotions in every chapter

A unique aspect of this book was the author included a little devotional from a fellow teacher at the end of each chapter that helped re-enforce the purpose of the chapter. Sometimes the devotions really hit home for me, making those chapters stand out above others in my mind.

This book was a blessing to me, I was actually kind of sad to see it end as I am sure there are probably more than 13 life lessons that she has learned from teaching, but the 13 essentials she gave were excellent and very insightful to the ministry of being a Christian Public School Teacher. No matter if you are a parent of public school children, a teacher, or even a substitute (like myself), this book would be a great read for you.


2 thoughts on “An Honest Review of the Book: Christian Teachers in Public Schools

  1. Mya October 21, 2015 / 10:08 pm

    I agree that we need Christian teachers in the PS….as many as we can get as they have been called to be salt and light. However, our children, from Christian homes have not been called to be salt and light. Jesus was speaking directly to his disciples, trained adults strong in there faith. I have been trying very hard to approach this subject very fairly…researching all sides, all points of view and always trying my best to test it against God’s word and it just seems i am hard pressed to find biblical verses that do not put the responsibility of teaching my children squarely on my shoulders considering you can find Biblical truths in all of your subjects. It would seem to me that Christian parents are saying that their children being salt and light or missionaries is more important then their own children’s spiritual health as they are putting it at risk having them educated 8 hours a day in a humanistic un-godly based curriculum reinforced by a majority of non-christian teachers. I LOVE that we have Christian teacher in the PS but that’s because of all the children that come from families that do not teach them about the love of Jesus an these teachers can do that in words and deeds. I can never comprehend how a mother would not be the best possible teacher for her children although I realize they may be some exceptions. Does that mean all mothers think they can do…but they can…and they can do it better then any teacher because nobody is going to try harder for them then mom. No teacher no matter how awesome and great and kind is still going to be able to out teach a mom who loves her children and can teach at a 1 to 1 or 1 to 2 or even a 1 to 3 ratio. Please understand i am not putting teachers down, so grateful each of them that step up to teach these children that come and need them. I am just confused why our children are the ones that also need them…they have us…these dedicated Christian parents committed to God’s word willing to make any all sacrifices…that’s what we say. But instead the truth is we go to work and buy nice cars and bigger homes and more stuff. I am not saying that’s everyone but i see a lot of it around me. We are not willing to make the sacrifices for our children that it would take so we instead we defend this position. There will plenty of time to work outside the home when our kids leave and it very well may be the difference between a generation of kids who remain in their faith and serve the Lord in mighty ways and a generation who turns away from God an instead embraces the world and they too will both gets jobs and send their kids off to schools and the family will be apart most of the day. i do agree very much though Churches, the family , Sunday school teachers, and Pastors need to be teaching the Bible and play an very important role. Our churches are weak as well and this is also a huge problem. Ultimately though…it is the parents responsibility.

    Prov 3;20 -exposure at PS 8 hours a day
    1 Corr 15;33 – same problem
    Prov 1;7 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge
    – the PS has no fear of the Lord
    Duet 6;6-7…24/7..all day instruction, Prov 1;8

    Please know I again am ALL for Christian teachers but our children do need to be protected. I just respectfully disagree on this point. Over a 12 year span, there is no way your children will not have more ungodly influence then Godly attending a PS even in terms of teachers. Do not think I do not realize that churches have their issues because I do and that their are other ways of ungodly influence because their most assuredly is through social media, movies, just general internet access and video games if parents are not on guard and home school but allow these things the same outcome could be realized….i understand. It does not change the facts of how dangerous the PS id for children from Christian homes. We need to train them up, prepare them and then by the time they are 18 they will hopefully be strong in their faith but they will understand how to defend it and truly understand how to spread the Gospel, they will be well equipped.

    Thanks for reading my very long thoughts….

    God Bless

    • sidmcbride November 13, 2015 / 10:08 pm

      Mya, I appreciate your comments and view point on how you feel about public school. I also am appreciative that while you disagree with my position you do it with respectfulness. I hear your concerns and I note them, the wonderful thing about being an involved parent in my childrens’ lives is that at anytime I feel my children are suffering spiritually from being in public school I have the option to pull them away from that sphere. Many parents will send their children to church, youth group, and Christian schools and completely become un-involved in their lives, then wonder why their children go astray. I know my children will make mistakes, will face challenges, and will have their faith tested, but whatever happened to Christians influencing the world rather than the world influencing the Christian. The reason most Christians can’t face the challenge of public schools or the world for that matter is because American Christianity is week and apathetic. Yes I agree that not every Christian child is fit for public school, but I disagree that every Christian child should be exempt from public schools. By the grace of God and His direction, I believe my children can be greatly used by God. My stance is not popular, but it is in the will of God for my family without a single doubt in my heart and mind.

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