Welcome to Our Little Man

Yesterday we welcomed the newest addition to our family. My wife gave birth to a good and healthy baby boy. His name is Alton Reese McBride. Born on 8/26/2013 at 2:10pm. He weighed in at 9lbs 12oz. (Renee doesn’t have small babies) and was 21.5 inches long.

DSC_0029Alton is not a real common name, but we do have a few reasons that we chose that name. First of all if you didn’t know we have named all our children with an “A” first name and an “R” middle name. We do this because of my first name being Aaron, and my wife’s middle name being Renee. So we have Aric Riley (our first), Alexander Ryan (our second, not middle), and now Alton Reese (our third).

After choosing the name Alton we found out that Renee had a great Uncle who shared that name, so without knowing it we had chosen a family name.

Alton also shares his name and his birthday with a man who my wife and I count as a very important person in our life. Both my wife and I went to the same Bible college, Ambassador Baptist College. The president of our Alma Mater is Mr. Alton Beal. We were amazed to find out after we had posted the name, gender, and due date on Facebook, that Alton’s due date was on Alton Beal’s birthday! Of course if you read our previous post “Learning to be Patient” then you know that we were hoping baby Alton would arrive earlier, but God must have thought it would be something special to have our Alton be born with the same name and on the same date as a man that we count as a great influence in our lives!


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