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images      Knowing that Aric would be starting school this year, we had a lot to consider. We started at home last year by teaching him the typical pre-school things like the alphabet, counting, and spelling his name. We had strongly contemplated home schooling him using an online public school curriculum called k12, we looked into a few options of Christian schools in the area, and finally thought about sending him to a local public school.

Before we could make a final decision we spent much time seeking the direction of God. Some might would say that, since we are Christians and since my wife and I serve in ministry, that there are only two options that we had, to home school him using a “Christian” curriculum or to send him to a Christian school, but this is just not the case. Every child is different, every child has different strengths and weaknesses, and every family must follow the Lord’s leading completely. Early into this process I was leaning strongly toward the public home schooling program, as this would allow us to monitor what he was being taught, and would allow us to adapt the material into a worldview that we embrace.

We continued to pray and watch as Aric’s personality developed, as this would play an important roll into how he would do in different school settings. After months of prayer and watching him grow, we felt like the Lord had given us the wisdom to know that he would do better in a classroom setting, interacting with other children his age. We also felt at peace that God would be pleased with us enrolling him in a Public School.

In preparation for the 2013 school year, which started today, my wife and I began reading a book entitled Going Public: Your Child Can Thrive in Public School. This was an inside look of a Christian family whose children have grown and thrived not only academically but spiritually in a Public School. They give excellent advice on what to do to get involved with your children and that even if your child is in Public School, that you as a parent are still responsible for teaching your child what you believe and why you believe it.

If you are considering placing your child in a public school, or your child is already in public school, I would highly recommend that this book be read and added to your library. It is available in paperback and on Amazon Kindle. You will find a link to it below.

Going Public: Your Child Can Thrive in Public School

Do you have any resources that you would highly recommend as being a help to those who’s Christian children are attending a public school?


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